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"The most powerful thing you can do to advance your career, improve professional and personal relationships, and overall happiness, is professional coaching," says MetrixGlobal.

An article from South Africa giving a clear demonstration of the benefits of professional coaching. Read more here.

More and more organisations in Wales are using executive coaching

Well...My name is Evans after all !! This article on icWales shows the growth of executive coaching as a performance improvement tool in Wales. Read more here.

Online learning comes of age

Linda Anderson writes about the revolution slowly building in the world of online business learning and development. An article published on FT.com. Read more here

Money can't buy happiness says David Cameron - Conservative Party Leader

David Cameron is to put "well-being" at the heart of his party's policies. That's where coaching comes in I would say...The Times Online writes: Describing the need to help people adjust to a fast changing, rapidly globalising world, Mr Cameron said thinking about the happiness of people was "the central political challenge of our times". .Read more here

Poor management rife in the UK !

Small Business News at bCentral has an article about the adverse effects of bad management, a serious problem for UK business. Coaching is important and is more about listening and asking questions than telling. Read more here.

Growth of e-coaching provides more options

An article in the Wall Street Journal Career Journal explaining how e-coaching works and why it is growing so fast. Read more here.

A case for coaching

An article from Personnel Today on how to measure the effectiveness of coaching. Read more here

Coaching as a management development tool

How do we measure the ROI on an investment in executive coaching? Read more here

Executive coaching - an industry coming of age

Alec Levenson, a scientist with the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, is one researcher who has been studying the impact of coaching. Read more here

Coaching..A powerful business tool for success!

A South African article on the business benefits of executive coaching....Read more here

Get an insight into the mind of Marshall Goldsmith, a leading US coach..

He's a Buddhist. His favourite movie is "The Wizard of Oz". And his philosophy is "Be happy now." Read more here

Why is Executive Coaching the latest "buzz" word?

Executive coaching brings many benefits to both the individual and the organisation. Read more here

She's speaking their language

An article in the Washington Post on how two Chinese sisters moved to the US and had to learn English...more here

What can an executive coach do for you?

Read more here

Executive communication coaching is increasing!

According to a new report by Oliver Schmidt on the German web site PR Portal, executive coaching in communication skills (EuroExec Coaching's key area of specialisation) is rapidly increasing...

Read more here

A team starts with two

Read more here

US corporate training and development set to grow by 8% in 2005, with e-learning increasing by 30%.

Read more here

Latest CIPD survey results into training and development

The annual CIPD survey into trends in training and development has just been published. This report confirms the increasing use of coaching and mentoring in the UK. Some key findings are:

  • Coaching by line managers is now used by 88% of respondents.
  • 64% use coaching by external specialists.
  • 92% of respondents believe this external coaching is "effective" or "very effective".
  • 70% of respondents intend to increase their use of coaching over the next few years.
  • 85% pursue leadership development activities.
  • 65% think there is a shortage of effective leaders in the UK.

More information is available from the CIPD web site here

Effective leadership is the "key to business growth."

Read more here

Coaching delivers a ROI of six times the intial investment !

Read more here

"C-Suite" Coaching loses its stigma

More CEOs, CFOs and COOs are seeking leadership consultants.... more here






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