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Do you own, lead or manage a company in the UK or mainland Europe?

Have you thought about using professional coaching support to help you to achieve your goals or achieve even greater success?

We work with clients in person and onine using videoconferencing.

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Online coaching

Our personalised approach at EuroExec Coaching includes the ultimate in flexibility and coaching (or e-coaching).

E-coaching uses online collaboration systems such as Webex and internet telephony to provide you with coaching support when and where you really neeed it. It can be a stand-alone process, or you can combine it with face-to-face meetings in person if you wish. The programme lasts as long as you like. Typically this would be several months. The duration of the programme and the number of sessions are agreed with the coachee at the outset and a coaching contract is drawn up, which also details the programmes objectives.

Short-term e-coaching

However, you may also simply want very short-term help with a specific issue. In that case we can respond rapidly by phone, e-mail or instant messaging. We work with you in sessions of 30 or 60 minutes and you decide how many sessions you want.

The e-coaching process

At the start of your e-coaching programme we agree a set of specific objectives based on the areas which are critical to your success. These could be related to your interpersonal skills, leadership skills, teamworking or other personal development needs. Each session focuses on achieving a particular series of steps towards your goal. We help you to focus on those steps and commit to an action plan. The following session then begins with a review of your progress.

If you are interested in trying e-coaching, please e-mail or call us to agree a time for your first free 30-minute session. We look forward to hearing from you.



For more information on our e-coaching programmes call us now on + 44 (0)20 3286 7330.


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