The GROW model of coaching

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The GROW model of Coaching

EuroExec Coaching sessions are structured around the GROW model, originally devised by Graham Alexander. GROW stands for:

Goals - Reality - Options - Wrap-up


The coach and client agree the subject for discussion; the coach then helps the client to identify an objective that is to be achieved by the end of the session. If possible, the objective for the session is linked to a longer-term goal, for which a time-frame is set.


The coach encourages the client to analyse the present reality in detail and discuss the implications of the goal. Through skilful questioning and active listening, the client is helped to assess the current situation in considerable depth. The coach may ask questions such as:

•  who is affected by this issue other than yourself?

•  how much control do you have over the outcome?

•  what steps have you taken so far?

•  what obstacles are there in your way, either external or internal?

•  what resources will you need to achieve your goal?


Next comes an appraisal of all the possible approaches and solutions to the problem. Each option is then considered on its merits, and the client is encouraged to think about and decide on which option appeals most. The coach may ask questions such as:

•  what are the pros and cons of each of these options?

•  which would give you most satisfaction?

•  which would give the best result?

•  what else could you do?


This is the time for decisions. What exactly is the coachee going to do? An action plan of specific steps to achieve the goal is drawn up. Once again, the internal and external factors which may hinder a successful outcome are examined. The coachee is also asked to consider what kind of support s/he may need to implement the action plan; and, who can supply this support.

Coaching questions could include:

•  to what extent does this meet all your objectives?

•  what is your time-frame for each step?

•  do you feel any personal resistance to taking these steps?

•  what could I do to support you?

•  how committed are you to taking these agreed actions?


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