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Welcome! Are you a company Director or senior manager? Are you considering professional executive coaching to help you to achieve your goals? Do you need support in order to succeed in today's tough conditions? Do you want to boost your performance as a leader?

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Business leaders around the world are increasingly turning to executive coaching to achieve excellence and develop their leadership skills in tough times, just as sports champions have done for many years.

Today's challenges are considerable. Leading and managing businesses successfully in the current economic climate requires vision, personal authority, presence, emotional intelligence, outstanding communication, coaching and teambuilding skills and high levels of self-awareness.

We specialise in coaching executives and teams in order to improve their performance, communication, leadership and self-confidence in areas that are critical to business success. Specifically, we can help you to:

We act as a sounding board for your ideas as well as a source of feedback on, and challenges to, your leadership thinking and behaviour. As professional executive coaches, we help you to set stretching goals for yourself and your business area, to act on them and then to review the results of those actions.

We all have the potential to do better, to be better. As executive coaches, our role is to help you to fulfill that potential.

We offer you extensive UK and international business experience, particularly in the IT and financial services sectors. Even though we may identify new options for you, we do not simply tell you what to do. That choice is yours. We support you as you go through this process of personal development and help you to emerge from it a stronger, more positive and more inspirational leader.

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Coaching en français !

Vous êtes français? N'hésitez pas à m' appeler. Je suis bi-lingue en anglais et français, et travaille beaucoup avec des cadres français en France et en Angleterre. Je travaille avec la France depuis 1980 et connais extrêmement bien la culture française. (Ma femme est française et j'ai étudié et travaillé en France.) Pourquoi ne pas m'envoyer un e-mail maintenant ! Je fais le coaching soit en français, soit en anglais, en personne, par telephone et en ligne (e-coaching).


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